Life can knock us to our knees...

What defines us - distinguishes us - is how we respond.

Faced with adversity, we can be bitter...

or we can be better.

It's a choice.


Caryn Sullivan has confronted the choice.

As a speaker and author Caryn helps others to make - and navigate -

the choice to be "better."


We’re starved for positive stories! On her blog (Roadmap) and in the Pioneer Press, Caryn offers readers uplifting stories with actionable steps for navigating life’s trials and tribulations and living the choice to be “better.”


In her memoir, Bitter or Better, winner of the 2015 Midwest Book Award for Inspiration, Caryn marries her personal experiences and insights with those of kindred spirits who also faced challenges and found the will and the way to not only survive, but to thrive.


Noting we can be both students and teachers of life’s lessons, Caryn offers audiences a unique combination of the “why” and “how” to plan for and respond to life’s sudden and anticipated personal and professional challenges.


After nearly ten years of practicing law with a Fortune 500 company and an international law firm Caryn became an advocate for choosing the "better" way of navigating life's tough stuff.

Caryn sharing her “Roadmap" with Minnesota Lawyers Mutual

Matt Gonring

Matthew P. Gonring

"C" Suite Exec Coach, Corporate Communications Leader
"Caryn's innate ability to address real life challenges in a personal and compelling style, blended with her genuine delivery, creates a memorable and deep-seated impression with virtually any audience / reader."

Caryn has shared her Roadmap to Readiness and Resilience with:


Grappling with Life on the Op-Ed Page


By sharing her story, Caryn Sullivan heroically teaches us the most important lesson we need to know: Life is a choice.

~Tani Austin, Co-Founder

Starkey Hearing Foundation

A finely crafted chronicle full of happiness, good humor, and tragedy  received with wisdom and bravery, beautifully told.

~Carol Connolly

St. Paul Poet Laureate

Caryn balances narrative story, journalistic sensibility, and keen insights into a highly readable, can’t-stop-turning-the-pages experience. This is what book clubs were made for.

~Molly Cox

Author and Inspirational Speaker

Caryn is a gifted writer whose words gracefully enter your soul with class and comfort. We all have a story, and Caryn guides us to look deep into our own lives and the lives of other fascinating people.

~Kevin Warren

COO, Minnesota Vikings

We Can Be Bitter Or We Can Be Better

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