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Bitter or Better Book
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Bitter or Better earned the 2015 Midwest Book Award for Inspiration

Bitter or Better:
with Life on the Op-Ed Page

.From a Baltimore row house to the peaks of Machu Picchu, Bitter or Better transports readers on a jaw-dropping journey that led the author to a transformative choice. Would she succumb to heartache or find her way to joy?

When she joined the Freakin’ Widows Club Caryn Sullivan was well acquainted with adversity. A parade of hardships – divorce, cancer, death, autism – rendered heartache and stress her constant companions.

But losing her husband took her to her knees…until she met a priest whose wise counsel illuminated a choice.

His words – we can be bitter or we can be better –  scripted her next chapter.

With encouragement from international bestselling author Vince Flynn, Caryn, an award-winning columnist, combined her journalistic sensibility with her discerning insight, weaving others’ stories into her own. Recognizing we all grapple with something, Bitter or Better offers a roadmap for a life well lived, bound with a powerful choice – to be better, not bitter.


“Reminiscent of Jeanette Walls’ writing in The Glass Castle, Caryn Sullivan deftly flips the obstacles in her life and makes them words to live by. Her columns are cleverly braided into her life story in this engrossing memoir; the result is a delightful combination of inspiration and gumption.”
~Lee Woodruff, journalist and bestselling author of In an Instant with Bob Woodruff

“Caryn’s easy-to read storytelling grabs you. Bitter or Better is a relatable and challenging book that ignites self-analysis as you follow along from one story to the next.”
~ Sona Mehring, founder CaringBridge

“Maybe Caryn Sullivan’s choice of “better” over “bitter” was foreordained by her curious mind and persistent spirit. But I don’t think so. I think it was a real choice—one that materialized over time and that, over and again, could have gone the other way. As she shows in this book, her way was lit by heartache and love alike, and the lessons their combination offers. Her adventure is illuminating.”
~Mike Burbach, editor, St. Paul Pioneer Press

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