Life Lessons from Sergio


When he sunk his last putt late Sunday, Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia achieved a personal and professional goal he’d chased through 70 tournaments.

His is a familiar story – always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But with his fiance by his side, Sergio changed his story by earning the coveted green jacket.

As a latecomer to the game of golf I didn’t know Sergio’s story.

But watching numbers change on the leaderboard, imagining how hopes of strangers were raised and dashed, it struck me that more than drives, chips and putts were on display.

An elite group of world-class golfers were demonstrating important life lessons.

Dare to dream.

Never give up.

Perfect the pivot. That first putt didn’t make it? Evaluate. Breathe. Try again.

Surround yourself with positive people who will celebrate your victories and help you to grapple with your losses.

In loss, Justin Rose, Sergio’s longtime friend and competitor, offered his own lessons.

A dignified loser garners respect.

Grace is so much more attractive than malevolence.

We can covet the green but support the one who earns it.

What lessons did you glean from the Masters this year?