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Reckoning with a TBI – and a Mission

As seen in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on May 26, 2019 It’s interesting how both actions and words can dramatically alter our lives. In February 2014, Amy Zellmer slipped on a driveway coated with black ice. Cradling her small Yorkie in her arms, she couldn’t brace her fall. When she landed on her head,…

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Depression, Concussions and Wisdom

As seen in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on 3/7/16 From war-ravaged Nigeria to prominent American universities, Dr. Bennet Omalu (the “Concussion” doctor), forged a path marked by hard work, unyielding conviction, deep faith, and debilitating depression. Born during the Nigerian-Biafran war that produced images of emaciated babies, the forensic neuropathologist was among the malnourished.…

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