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Mental Illness: Breaking the Silence and Making a Plan

As seen in the St. Paul Pioneer Press on June 9, 2019 Mental illness. It seems everyone I know is dealing with it in some capacity. Statistics bear that out. One in four people experiences an episode of mental illness each year. Most are diagnosed in their youth. What are we to do? Dealing with…

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Mental Illness in the News: A Double-Edged Sword

March 1, 2013 On Feb. 26, Alton Perry was to celebrate his second birthday when he got home from daycare. Despite his mother’s reservations, his grandmother, Debra Denison, insisted on picking up Alton and his baby brother, Ashton, and taking them to their Connecticut home to open his gifts. The grandmother picked them up. But…

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Addiction: Waiting for That Phone Call

August 5, 2011 Throughout her relatively brief career, media reports seemed to focus as much on British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse’s troubled life as on her music. Last month, her father, outspoken about Amy’s drug and alcohol addiction, depression, early stage emphysema and legal woes, received the call he had anticipated, informing him his daughter had…

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