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The Intriguing Legacies of Vince Flynn

 9/10/17 This story appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  Vince Flynn was a man with a big personality, a big heart, and a big following. Beginning in the mid-1990s, he created a body of work featuring a counterterrorism agent named Mitch Rapp and plot lines so plausible he captured the interest of readers and…

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Mitch Rapp and the Killer Moustaches

11/10/16 Have you noticed an uptick in men with bristles above their lips? It’s no accident. November is also Movember. It’s a time when women tolerate their men’s stubble in the interest of raising awareness and funds for men’s health. Men would rather think or talk about anything but the most personal aspects of their health. But…

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Inspiration and Grief: Vince Flynn, Gone too Soon

June 21, 2013 The news arrived by text early Wednesday morning. After a 2-½ year battle, St. Paul author Vince Flynn had succumbed to cancer. Though I didn’t know him well, the news hit me hard, for like many, I was praying for a miracle for the man who had a track record for beating…

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