The Tapestry of Our Lives

September 3, 2014

Our lives are punctuated by conversations. Some are life altering; others are comparatively unimportant. Taken together a lifetime of conversations weaves the tapestry that constitutes our lives. Some of the most defining life experiences begin or end with a conversation. A conversation might involve another individual or a group of people. It can be with a higher power. It can be a silent conversation with oneself, lying in the darkness of night. It can be a series of conversations that, when strung together, create a lasting impression or impact.

I can think of many conversations that have been significant in my life. When I spoke with a priest after my husband’s death he offered words that have given me both strength and direction. He said that when we face adversity we have a choice. We can be bitter or we can be better.

More recently, after I interviewed Tani Austin, co-founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, for a column, she invited my daughter Julia and me to join the Starkey group on a mission to provide hearing to Peruvians who could not afford hearing aids. We just returned from the trip. I am confident neither Julia nor I will ever forget it.

What significant conversations have you had in your life? How did they alter the course of your life?